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“Constantin Brâncuși” University of Târgu-Jiu is the first higher education institution in Gorj, being established in 1992. At that time it was composed of the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Sciences.

Today, in the “Constantin Brâncuși” University of Târgu-Jiu there are 4 faculties (Faculty of Medical and Behavioral Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Education Sciences, Law and Public Administration, a Department for Teaching Staff Training , other functional departments, structures that operate on the basis of and in compliance with the law.


During the 3 decades of operation, UCB had at least 3 variants of presentation website, the need for constant modernization arising with the development of the educational offer.

Web Logistics gladly received the proposal to get involved in updating the web page of the well-known higher education institution, “Constantin Brâncuși” University of Târgu-Jiu. The project, which is still in progress, has a high degree of complexity, both through the volume of information intended for reorganization and optimization, and through the importance of obtaining a visual impact identity for an emblematic institution of Gorj County. Reorganizing the large volume of information requires a large effort, easy to understand in the context of major problems of organizing information on the site, indexing in Google Search and last but not least, design.


The Web Logistics team had the task of completely modernizing the design of the website, taking into account both its functionality and the symbols to which the name of the educational institution itself is linked.

The challenge was all the greater as UCB is now meeting the requirements of European standards. The significant efforts made to diversify the educational offer, corroborated with those for the development of the material base, of the institutional infrastructure and of the human resource, in order to ensure competitive and qualitative conditions had to be crowned by creating a website that constitutes a business card worthy of such an institution. .


The vast informational content has undergone a massive restructuring, being completely reorganized.

In achieving its structure, we started from the reality of an accentuated diversification of the educational offer — meant, of course, to respond to the training needs of young people, as well as to the requirements identified for the professional insertion of graduates. The Web Logistics team aims to reorganize all information content so as to allow users easy and fast access to the information sought.


The Web Logistics team has created a new, modern image that complements the efforts to reindex the site in Google Search, but also the basic SEO INSITE.

In order to use a visual content tailored to the wealth of information, Web Logistics conducted multiple photo sessions of the faculties and their facilities.

The current platform includes information of maximum interest for each of the 25 study programs for the bachelor’s degree cycle and 20 master’s degree specializations.

Clean minimal business card mockup on wood table with a pencil background. PSD file.
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