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Digitization is vital in supporting the needs of your business, to keep up with the rapid changes and increasingly difficult to predict in the economic environment. However, the complexity of the field often leads to erroneous and costly approaches in terms of allocated resources and benefits.

For this reason, consulting services in this field are valuable for you and the success of your business, no matter which web agency you decide to collaborate with to give life to your ideas and projects.

In the consulting process, we help you choose the best solutions to accelerate the growth of your business and we explain the whole process after you have passed.
The areas of expertise for which we offer specialized consultancy, based both on theoretical knowledge and for those over 80 years of experience (accumulated by the entire team), are:
– web development;
– web design;
– site maintenance;
– cyber security;
– online marketing;
– SEO and writing.

We do not assume. We reach solutions by carefully collecting, analyzing and synthesizing all the information you can provide us. That is why we will be very thorough in the initial process of in-depth knowledge of your business / idea / project.

If you already have a business, we will interview you to gather information about the current situation of the organization and the environment in which it operates. We will perform the context analysis and indicate the main gaps and areas for improvement, based on the data obtained.

Are you just starting out and want your START-UP to be a success?

Our expertise combines diverse entrepreneurial experience, practical solutions and real business information. We help you identify the most important steps, to implement them, also offering you tips for a higher return on investment.


We start with the big questions regarding your customer’s avatar, the problem you are trying to solve, how your product / service solves the market problem and what are its peculiarities that will get you out of the crowd. We know how to play digitally to add value to the brand. But, we will need you to give us all the details that are known to you, and we will discover the unknown ones together.



No matter how good the strategy may sound, without professional project management, success will be uncertain. In order not to develop the subject on how a person outside the field can optimally manage the entire website creation process.

Experience has shown us that managing the whole process is much easier when complete and correct technical documentation is followed. Or, including the preparation of this documentation — specifications — if you will, requires thorough knowledge in the field. In the absence of this type of documentation, the evaluation of the results itself is difficult.

We at Web Logistics place great value on transparency and communication, and you as part of our team until the end of the project (at least) – you will receive all the know-how from us. We will explain to you how to use the newly created product correctly, taking into account the best practices and the latest standards in the field.

We consider it necessary to make this transfer of know-how, so that at the end of the project you can manage using your site independently of us.

In this way, leaving the management of the entire development process to us, you will save valuable resources (money, time, logistics), while also having the guarantee of a website made according to the latest trends in the field, technically and creatively speaking. We have an eye for functional design and impact content, so all you have to do is enjoy the result.

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