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Tuesday August 10th, 2021



Long story short, we can say that vlogging creates communities while sharing some people`s experiences to a large number of viewers, that become followers or fans.


Well, that`s a big thing if we consider the short history of vlogging. Let`s not forget, have barely been 21 years since it entered our lives. The first blog that was made is credited to Adam Kontras – a world-known blogger. In January 2000, Adam thought of posting a video alongside his personal blog post. He and his girlfriend were smuggling a cat into a hotel and Adam thought that people would like to actually see, not just read about it.

But, that was a timid beginning of the vlogging journey. Only in 2005 when YouTube appeared, vlogging extended worldwide. Those days a new vlogging pioneer appeared #ShayCarl. He was the first to talk about himself to the camera. We give him credits for putting “vlog” in the dictionary.  Today, this personal style of vlog became very common. People just don`t have the time and patience to read, they prefer viewing videos x2 :)). Videos are uploaded to social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Tik Tok.

Gaining money from vlogging

Another significant moment in vlogging history was the Google announcement of the Youtube Partner Program in 2007. This opened the doors for monetising videos and well-known vloggers began making money out of their hobby.

And this is how vlogging industry developed. To obtain high-quality videos, vloggers started using professional equipment and settings.

In 2019, The Business Insider released a list of the world top vloggers. They had at that time over 30 million subscribers. The top topics were online gaming and comic videos.

The changes in vlogging industry take us by surprise and what seemed unthinkable a few years ago, today is common. This is the case of replacing homemade video content with pre-recorded or live video streaming options, that interests numerous audiences eager to connect in this way.

The proliferation of video content online involved also B2B businesses into action. From regular product reviews, unboxing, leadership videos and vlogs and live launches and updates.

Marketing today can`t be defined without video content, as today is the most wanted content.

Thinking about vlogging yourself? See below some tips for establishing your strategy:

  1. Find your style. Are you a camera lover or rather a shy type? Live or pre-recorded? Whatever you choose there are pros and cons, but the main idea is that both need planning.
  2. Develop a calendar with precise content for a medium-long period of time. Take it step-by-step.
  3. Now, think about wheater you are making videos for your own ego, or for a special audience. Find your type of audience. Know what they want to know, how will you know if they are ok with your video content? Where can you find your audience?
  4. Test and measure. Establish your ready reckoner to obtain a correct measurement. Benchmark, analysis and optimization should be on your list.

Now, if you are among the camera lovers, you must celebrate Vlogging Day. This holiday was founded in 2018, by the creators of the largest online video Festival in the UK – Summer in the City as a celebration of their 10th year of life.

Vlogging has all the chances to become a science sooner or later as its use is already widely recognised (from education to health, from entertainment to the most powerful type of activism). Keep your eyes wide open to vlogging and why not try it for yourself.

Happy birthday, Vloggers!




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